Small Business Telephone Systems | Analogue or Digital?



Small Business Telephone Systems | Analogue or Digital?

So what are the difference between a Analogue phone system like the small business Orchid range PBX unit and Digital office phone system like the Samsung 7030 multi line PBX. Well for starters they both serve the same purpose but in different ways, both have there own benefits & disadvantages, also different in features/functionality that will suit different types of businesses. Its like comparing a Mercedes to a Ford car both work very well and reliable but one is more expensive than the other and one is more advance on gadgets than the other. But both work really well just depends what you require in your office environment.



Digital office Phone System- Key Points

For people who want their small business phone system to move into the future, a digital phone system like the Samsung PBX is often probably a better choice. Digital office phone systems offer more advance technology and features than an analogue system that want to maybe use features like VOIP, free statues line Keys and to integrate it to there computers with PBX software’s.
Office User Flexibility – digital telephone systems offer a wide range of features which can be used by your business to enhance your customer service skills
Office Integration – a Samsung Digital office phone system can be easily integrated into your existing network and can be combined to work with other technology in your office including your computer. Also Digital Handsets like the Samsung ones, Don’t need power cords all powered by the phone system.
PBX Features – including call identification can help with your customer service and also more designed to connect digital lines like ISDN 2 & ISDN 30 with options also to connect analogue lines.
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Analogue Small Business Telephone System- Key Points

In general an analogue office systems are cheaper in price to purchase and can prove much cheaper to run as often analogue lines are cheaper than digital lines like ISDN 2. Some benefits that you may receive from an analogue small business phone system include:
The Telephone System Price – in general analogue services are fairly cheaper than digital one’s. Also the price of these type of office telephone system and the Analogue office handsets are cheaper too, which can definitely help businesses that are on a tight budget but still need a reliable phone system.
PBX Durability – analogue devices are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Although analogue technology is often seen as outdated, it can prove reliable for businesses who depend upon it.
Quality – many analogue telephone systems offer a high quality service to their clients, with a reliable signal.
Ease of use- As like our Analogue PBX’s we sell, like the Orchid small office phone system they are designed to be easy to use, Program and install by the user, as Telcat offer DIY phone system packages. As with a Samsung digital office phone system you need it installed by a trained engineer as it is complex and specialised to install.


Orchid range Office telephone systems

The orchid range of analogue phone systems provide all the basic features that most small office require including, sharing multiple lines with extensions, call transfer, On hold, Call pick up and conference call. Also music on hold unit can be added to the 308 and 416 small business telephone system.

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