Orchid KS 832 Office Telephone System- 8 Line, 32 user


Is The Orchid 832 Office Phone System Right For My Business?



The Orchid KS 832 business phone system PBX has 8 Analogue lines and can have up to 32 extensions/ users, is a great for businesses that are on a budget. This Office Phone system is fantastic value for money which can’t be beaten on price and quality in its range. Is the next one in the range from the 416 phone system with 4 extra line 16 extra user extension. Its good for any businesses that only require basic features like call transfer and call forwarding. Also features like Auto attendant & Hold with Multiple Call Handling which comes in handy and Extension Caller ID. This 32 user/8 line system it ideal for mid size businesses that would like a reliable/ easy set up system. It’s been well tested by us to make sure it’s as described and found was very easy and straight forward to set up, with great manufacture support for any problem on installing you business phone system. Also this Great Office phone system can be expanded for the future which you can add an extra 8 lines and another 32 extensions to if needed.

Orchid KS 832 Office Phone system-Key Features

Phone Line Capacity -Up to 8 lines
No. of Extensions
- Up to 32 users/ Office users
System Speed Dials - 99
Compatible with Standard or Key Phones
Auto Attendant Single Digit
Auto Attendant
Auto Fax Transfer
Caller Display Compatible
Comfort Tone on Hold
Broadcasting Port
Music On Hold Internal Port
15 Communication Channels
Battery Back Up Option- 12v / 7AH
Internal Calls
Direct Dial
Call Barring- 7 Levels
Flexible Extension Numbering
Call Forwarding
Least Cost Routing
Conference Calls
Remote Programming
Operator Call
Ringback on Busy
Call Forward on Busy
Call Forward to Secretary
Do Not Disturb
Built In Power Supply
Cascade Ringing
Paging- Key Phones only
Flexible Ringing
IP Access Code
Power Fail Transfer
Extension - Extension Caller ID
Call Hold & Pick Up





Telcat have put this Business telephone system in to packages to help you have everything you need in one purchase. It includes all the cables and bits inside to get you started. As we understand how difficult it can be choosing the right office telephone system for your business, so we have available a range of different PBX bundles that can help save you money and time. If you don't see a telephone system package that you like, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a package to suit your needs & requirements. Also New 2013- NEW Improved Orchid DX900 Business Telephone to go with all our orchid office Range PBX Systems.




Below A few different KS 832 office phone system bundle options


KS832_business_telephone_system_with_12_Orchid_Dx900.png KS832_business_telephone_system_with_16_Orchid_Dx900.png KS832_business_telephone_system_with_8_Orchid_Dx900.png








If you need a Office phone system with more features and room for expansion please have a look at our other systems on our website or contact us for free quote.







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