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Here are a list of Office Phone System Terms and the explanations of it, that would often come up when you go to look for a new business telephone system. Please feel free to contact Telcat- Small Business Telephone Systems if you need any help or adive on buying your telephone system as we would be happy to help. 

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Link) - A broadband service used mainly for accessing the Internet. ADSL2 is next generation broadband
with speeds up to 24 meg. specialist in Telephone systems phone system package / bundles & installation services

Analogue lines on phone systems - A conventional telephone line delivered on copper wiring such as you would have at home. Analogue lines are different from ISDN lines. And these are what you add to your business telephone systems 

Auto attendant on phone systems - Automated call technology that answers external calls and provides the caller with options for choosing the department they wish to speak to. can be used on our orchid office phone systems and samsung business telephone system

Autodialer - A device that can be programmed to dial calls automatically through a system.

Cards - These fit into the slots that are found inside the business phone system cabinet and determine the size and configuration of the system. Once all the slots have been used the system is full unless it is possible to expand it further by buying another phone system cabinet.

CLI on phone systems (Caller Line Identification) - The number of a specific telephone line. 

CPS (Carrier Pre-Select) - A system allowing clients to select their chosen ‘indirect’ carrier without the need of ‘smart boxes’ or least cost routing software.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CTI (Computer Telephony integration) - The linking of computers and telephone systems. The term covers a broad spectrum of applications, an example of which includes ‘Screen popping’ (see below) where the information relating to the caller appears on the PC screen before or at the same time as the call is answered.

DDI on office phone systems (Direct Dial Inwards) - A feature available on ISDN (see below) switchboards enabling callers to call people directly at their desks. example through Samsung Office Phone systems.

Digital card - A card in the business telephone system required for connecting digital (system) office phones to the system.

DTMF (Digital Tones Multi Frequency) - The musical notes generated by a phone keypad that are used by voice processors as a method of command and signalling. Also known as ‘Touch Tones’, a registered trademark of British Telecom.

Ethernet Connections or Lease Lines – These terms relate to a private secure line to the internet. This can be delivered on a bearer or cable direct from the customer site to the BT exchange and then connected directly to the core back bone which provides uncontended secure and managed Internet access with speeds from 2 Mbs up to 100Mbps

Fax broadcast - The mass send out of prepared faxes. To benefit from off peak telephone charges, this may be programmed for evenings and weekends.

Fax mail - A variation of voice mail whereby faxes are received into mailboxes allocated to individuals or departments. Message notification is as for voice mail, this is often used in conjunction with unified messaging, which provides for convenient viewing of faxes on a PC. See also E-mail integration.

Feature phone with pbx systems- Also known as a system phone. A phone with additional features for that particular business telephone system. Typically you are not able to swap these between different business telephone systems. As often the System feature phone are on diffrent pin outs from office phone system to system.

Frame relay - An interface designed to provide high speed packet transmission with minimum delay and efficient use of bandwidths.

In band (DTMF) signaling - The DTMF tones that are sent by the business telephone system to voice processor to identify from where the call has been sent. For example, from which extension it has been diverted on busy or ring no answer.

IDA (In-Direct Access) - A coding used by carriers to facilitate calls via their networks.

ISDN - This stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. Often used with Digital phone systems

ISDN30 - A fully digital public network service providing up to 30 separate channels which can be used for voice, data, fax, video conferencing etc. Delivered by BT and cable companies on fibre optic cable. Often used with our samsung office telephone systems

ISDN2 - As above but offering only two channels. It is mainly delivered by BT and is on copper wire. Often used with our samsung office telephone systems

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) - The ability of a voice processor to answer calls and provide access to a database for making a data enquiry, an input or manipulating information. The database may be internal to the voice system or within a third party system. A typical application is telephone banking, which provides these three functions in the form of balance enquiries etc.

Kilostream - A BT term for a digital leased line running at over 1000 bits per second between two premises.

LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) – Other Service Providers have equipment in BT Exchanges

LAN (Local Area Network) - A data communications network linking PCs together, typically through a central file server, to provide a multi-node centrally controlled computer system. LANs are usually privately owned and found in one building or in a group of buildings in close proximity. which can then use Call software with your business telephone system

LCR (Least Cost Routing) - A means of routing calls to a specific carrier by programming a office phone system.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) - A network spanning an area which is greater than a LAN but smaller than a WAN (see below). MANs are usually privately owned and found in one city linking buildings within the city perimeter.

Megastream - A BT term for a digital leased line running at over 1,000,000 bits per second between two premises. Also known as a 1 meg link.

MLD (Multi-Line Dialer) - A device that automatically enters an LCR code to re-route outgoing calls via a specified carrier, for several lines on a PBX business telephone system.

Novation - A dictionary definition of this is the substitution of a new agreement for an old one by mutual agreement between the two parties. In telephony terms it is the taking over of an existing contract with time to run and is used extensively in moving Kilostream and Megastream lines.

NGN - Non Geographic Number (See NTS) or Next Generation Network: A network that converges voice and data transmission. 21st Century Network.

NTS - Number Translation Service: A number that is not geographically based, traditionally beginning with any other digit sequence except 01x and 02x.

Number portability - An agreement which allows for telephone numbers to be moved between telecoms companies.

OLO (Other Local Operator) - A network provider that can offer direct connection.

PBX/PABX Private (Automatic) Branch Exchange (phone system)- Also known as a business telephone system or switch.

Ports - The access points and means of connection of a voice processor. A port is typically an extension socket supporting one caller at any one time.

POT (Plain Ordinary Phone) - Also known as a SLT (see below). Not a system, digital or feature phone. These are analogue telephones and work off analogue cards (sometimes known as two wire cards) in the business telephone system.

Predictive dialer - A system that dials numbers on a pre-planned basis for an outbound telesales or marketing agent.

PSTN - Public Service Telephone Network - The general telephone network available to all residential and business customers. Also sometimes used as a substitute for "analogue".

P.T.O. (Public Telephone Operator) - This is a company supplying telephone lines in off the street. E.G BT 

Ring groups - The programming of a selection of phones to ring as a result of a particular incoming number or ODI. There are four types:

Unconditional - All phones - all phones in the group ring together on the business telephone system.

Longest waiting - a group where the phone system rings the free group members in order of how long they have been free. Useful where you want to share the workload fairly between staff;

Sequential feature on phone system  - a group where the system always rings the first free group member starting from the front of the group. Useful where you want the most senior members of the team to take the phone calls where possible. This feature can be used on Office telephone systems.

Screen popping - The ability for your computer to pick up the incoming telephone call and relay the caller’s information to your screen before you answer the call.

SDSL - Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line - A similar service to ADSL with faster upload Speeds providing the same upload speed as download.

SLD (Single Line Dialer) - A device that automatically enters an LCR code to re-route outgoing calls via a specified carrier.

SLT phone (Single Line Phone) - Also known at POT phone (see above). Not a system, digital or feature business phone. These are analogue phones and work with analogue cards or you normal home phone socket. Also can be used with business telehpnoe systems.

Speed dials - This is the storing of regularly dialed numbers under short codes.

Switch - Engineers often refer to business phone systems as switches.

Terminal - Telephone handsets are often referred to by engineers as terminals.

WAN (Wide Area Network – When two or more LANS are connected together often using private lines or VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks over the internet.

WBC (Wholesale Broadband Connect) – BT's new wholesale broadband product, offering ADSL2+ And QoS (Quality of Service) services nationally

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