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    Six Reasons to choose TalkSwitch systems

Exceptional value- Telephone Systems

TalkSwitch systems are a value leader. Priced for small business, it offers an extensive set of features built in as standard. Dare to compare – TalkSwitch includes features others charge extra for. TalkSwitch empowers small businesses, improves productivity and controls communications costs.

Designed for small business

TalkSwitch is designed as a small business telephone systems. It answers calls with intelligence, searches to ensure calls get answered, and forwards calls to mobile phones. It controls call costs with automatic route selection. It sends voicemails to e-mail for unified messaging. Plus much more – TalkSwitch has the features you need to manage a business effectively.

Professional image

TalkSwitch projects a professional image system. Auto attendant answer calls with easy-to-set-up options and customized greetings - "Welcome to..., Press 1 for..., Press 2 for...". Callers can dial by name and leave voicemails. Set up small call centres with uniform call distribution, ring groups and queues with downloadable music on hold. It all adds up to projecting a professional image for any business.

Analogue and VoIP

TalkSwitch telephone systems offer the flexibility to work with regular analogue telephone sets, both corded and cordless (e.g. DECT), as well as select IP phones. Use TalkSwitch speakerphones for one-button feature access, or select IP phones for line appearances and reduced office wiring. Connect to analogue telephone lines for traditional telephone service and add VoIP multi-branch networking, off-site IP phones or select service providers.

Easy to install, maintain and grow

TalkSwitch small business telephone systems are owner-friendly™, easy to install and easy to maintain. TalkSwitch systems come with an intuitive Windows-based configuration tool for complete control, even remotely over the Internet. Managing telephone systems has never been so easy. Free software downloads keep any TalkSwitch up to date. As the business grows, TalkSwitch grows through modular expansion up to 64 extensions per site.

Low operating costs, proven reliability systems

Every day, thousands of small businesses benefit from the low operating costs and proven reliability of TalkSwitch. Over 95% of owners say they would recommend TalkSwitch.

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Talkswitch Small business telephone system Handsets



Talkswitch Business Analogue Phones


TS-600 Executive Speakerphone



The perfect small business telephone for those who understand that every call counts. A premium business speakerphone , the TS-600 features a large adjustable backlit LCD dispay, a sleek user-friendly interface and versatile programmability. This telephone set offers superior sound quality and sleek headset integration, with two headset ports and a built-in amplifier. The impressive 48-square-cm display is easy to read for enhanced efficiency.

Designed for Talkswitch: The TS-600 is designed exclusively for use with Talkswitch systems and delivers unique features such as on-hook paging and intercom.


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 TS-400 Speakerphone



Great performance, great features. The TS-400 business speakerphone features an adjustable backlit LCD display, a sleek design and versatile programmability. This telephone has superior sound quality and a large display.

The TS-400 business was designed for easy, erro-free call handling. This business speaker-phone provides one touch buttons to access call features and separate controls for headset operation.

Designed for Talkswitch: The TS-400 is designed exclusively for use with Talkswitch systems, and offers extra features that are only available with Talkswitch telephone sets.





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 TS-9112i Talkswitch Business IP Telephone


Ts_9112i_ small business telephone system phoneThe TS-9112i is a value-priced, entry-level small business IP phone with one-touch Talkswitch feature keys. Sleek and elegant, it's a premium, full duplex IP speakerphone with excellent voice clarity.

Easy Feature Access: The TS-9112i provides one-touch feature access keys for: voicemail, transfer, conference, swap, redial and do not disturb.

IP Convenience: Connect to the Talkswitch over the office LAN without the need for separate telephone wiring.

Easy Installation: Installation of an IP telephone has never been so simple, with automatic Talkswitch discovery and configuration over the LAN.

On or Off Premise: When used over the internet, the TS-9112i provides the same access to Talkswitch features as if working in the office, making it the ideal solution for teleworkers.

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Talkswitch system Software Available


Talkswitch Telephone system Attendant Console


talkswitch_attendant_console_software_view.PNGTalkswitch business telephone system Attendant Console gives you the power to see and control your calls right on your pc. It's a whole new set of superpowers that will change the way you use the phone.

Talkswitch's Attendant Console was designed to replace the standard old telephone hardware consoles that receptionists have been using for years. This one is Software, which gives it some distinct advantages:

Better value: Talkswitch Attendant Console does more and costs less than most hardware consoles.

Zero footprint: it's not hardware, so it doesn't take up any room on your desk.

Obsolescence-proof: hardware ages and breaks down. Talkswitch Attendant Console? Nope.

One for all: one licence per site covers all users, so everybody in your

office gets the full application. what hardware console can do that?                

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Talkswitch system Call Reporting




Drill deep into your calling patterns with sophisticated, powerful reports that deliver the information you need to save money and manage your small business more effectively.

The TalkSwitch Call Reporting application builds highly effective reports about the call activity of your TalkSwitch small business telephone system. With the power to reveal details about who is making and taking your calls, how long they last, how much they cost and more, TalkSwitch Call Reporting is an essential tool for managing your telephone usage.

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