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Orchid 308 Business Telephone System ideal as home office or small business phone systems with 3 lines & 8 extensions. Easy Diy Installation

Orchid 308 business phone system Key Features
Flexible Ringing Assignment
3 Exchange lines
8 Extensions 201-208
Auto Attendant with 12 second OGM
Comfort tone on hold + External Port
Call Forwarding
Call Transfer
Conference Call
Call Pick Up
Direct Dial Extensions
Programmable Call Restrictions (6 Levels)
Caller ID Compatible (FSK & DTMF)

Why Pick a Orchid Range Telephone System

* Unbeatable on Price!
* Feature rich phone system for the money!
* Well built and solidly made
* Easy to setup/ install
* Tried & Tested reliable systems
* Fantastic Manufacture customer care for this System. Available for up to 3 years too

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Orchid_xl220_Business_Telephone Panasonic_business_Dect_Phone Compatible with Orchid Telephone Systems BT 7110 dect business telephone Compatible with Orchid Telephone Systems BT Answer Machine Compatible with Orchid Telephone Systems
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Orchid Monaural Headset Special Buy Orchid Binaural Headset Special Buy Orchid GSM 1000 Gateway MP3 Music On Hold Player- Orchid PBX Compatible
Orchid Monaural Headset Compatible with Orchid Telephone Systems Orchid Binaural Headset Compatible with Orchid Telephone Systems Orchid GSM 1000 Gateway Compatible with Orchid Telephone Systems MP3 Music on Hold Player Compatible with Orchid Telephone Systems
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Orchid 5 Metre Extension Cable Orchid 10 Metre Extension Cable Orchid 20 Metre Extension Cable Orchid BT to RJ11, Cat 5e Data Adapter
Orchid DIY 5m Extension Cable to be used with Orchid Telephone Systems and Compatible Phones Orchid DIY 10m Extension Cable to be used with Orchid Telephone Systems and Compatible Phones Orchid DIY 20m Extension Cable to be used with Orchid Telephone Systems and Compatible Phones Orchid Cat 5e Data Cable Adapter to be used with Orchid Telephone Systems and Compatible Phones
£7.99* £11.99* £16.99*





Common Questions You Maybe Thinking About When Buying This Orchid Telephone System



What sort of Lines can I use with this system? ISDN or Analogue Lines?

This Telephone system is designed for normal analogue lines E.G. BT lines, Talk Talk or Virgin lines- Analogue Lines. And not for ISDN Lines but if you need a phone system with ISDN we have a range of systems that have ISDN compatibility, please see our other systems or feel free contact us for latest package deals.

Is this telephone system easy to install myself? ( DIY Installation?)

Yes as long as BT have installed each of your phone lines as a wall-socket and not to a DP it will work. These packages are designed for DIY Plug and play installation and comes with all cables and connectors in the package to get you business up and running with the number of phones in your package- If you are connecting to CAT5 or data cabling please contact us and we will be happy to provide the necessary connecters needed free of charge.

What does 3 lines 8 extensions actually mean for me?

It means you can share up to 3 BT Analogue lines between 8 Users

Can I connect my Broadband line to this telephone system?

Yes, simple connect one of lines on the system to the adapter / filter that usually is connected to your broadband socket. It will allow you to use the telephone number attached to your Broadband to make, answer, hold and transfer calls to other users on this business telephone system.

We already have CAT5 or Data cabling, can we connect are telephone system through this?

Yes – but please contact us first before placing a order and we will make sure we provide all necessary cables and connectors in with the package

Can I use my existing phones that I have with this telephone system?

Yes- as this is a analogue phone system you may connect standard analogue two-wire phone to this PBX system. If this was a digit al telephone system it maybe more difficult to connect as it uses different wiring. But if you are not sure and would like to purchase more phones with this system please contact us and we will be happy to advise a range of different phones that work well with this system. To hold and transfer calls between users an "R" (Recall) button is required on the Analogue phone.

Can I use a Dect Cordless Phone with this Telephone System?

Yes- most Dect Cordless telephones that are available can be used on this system as they mostly are analogue devises. It is simple to connect, just connect to one of the free extension ports on the back of the office phone system.

I would like this telephone system package with just Dect cordless phones is this possible?

Yes please contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote to tailor all your needs and requirements.

What does the Auto- Attendant Feature mean for my Business?

This means when callers ring your business, they can then select from a menu which you record. They choose which department or person to talk too, Example Reception press 1- Bill Press 2 - Steve press 3 etc). Very good feature that comes all in with the Price NO Extra Charge.

Can I Make Internal Calls to different People?

Yes easy to do, if it is one of the extensions connected, pick up your phone dial extension number, job done, it is as simple as that no hard codes to remember.

I Hope this information has helped with your purchase or if there is still a question that you are not sure about in the back of your mind please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you.



If you are still unsure which Telephone System Package is right for you and your business



Manufacturer: Orchid telephone systems

Condition: New

For other small business telephone systems

Why buy your telephone system from Telcat?
We have been specialising in selling small business telephone systems for more than 10 years and understand what features a business needs when purchasing a small business phone system. So we put together this 3 line, 8 user system package together to suit all sorts of small business needs, to save time and money for the customer. We also realise that are customers are not always familiar with telecom terms & how telephone system features may help there business, so we therefore endeavour to explain in simple to understand terms how our range of telephone systems will benefit our customers business by managing there calls effectively. We also test all the telephone systems on our website for ease of use, quality and reliability. All of our orchid systems are pre configured with easy programming features and come with kits including all cables and connecters for easy installation to Standard BT line sockets.

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