Skype Dual Phone

Skype Dual Phone

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RTX Dual Phone

RTX Dual Phone –Skype & BT

No computer required- just connect the Dualphone base station directly to your broadband router or modem

Simple plug-and-connect to set up

Range: Indoor up to 50 meters.

Outdoor up to 300 meters

Talk time: more than 10 hours

Standby time: Up to 100 hours

Colour display

High-quality speaker phone

10 polyphonic ring tones

Headset jack

New message light indicator

Missed Call, Message Waiting

Power, network Indicator on base

WAN (Ethernet -10/100 RJ-45

BT Plug or Euro Type

Product variations
number-of-Phones: 1
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number-of-Phones: 2
£139.99 *
number-of-Phones: 3
£179.99 *
number-of-Phones: 4
£229.99 *
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